Dee’s work creates transformation in the lives of busy working women & mothers who want to stop compromising the very things that matter to them - their kids, family time, health, relationships, work-life balance, happiness, and peace of mind.

She offers simple, yet powerful impartial support, guidance, expert coaching and highly intuitive counsel for any challenges women may in their personal and professional lives.


"When I started....I thought coaching with Dee was to help me make a big life decision about work. Little did I know it would also address the key pillars for me of work, family, and marriage.

One thing I discovered was that Dee has a big dose of “magic” in her! She was able to identify with absolute clarity, the key questions and issues that needed unlocking to make progress in all of the above areas.

Her empathy and ability to generate so many “light bulb” moments, whilst also empowering me to trust my instincts and use my own abilities to find solutions, was incredible. 

This has had a big ripple effect positively impacting those closest to me and further afield, but particularly my children and husband. I cannot recommend Dee highly enough, whatever area of your life you are considering support with."

Sarah, Head of Planning

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