Introducing the brand new

Does any of this sounds like you?

- Feel like you're having a crisis of confidence  
-Self-criticism is constant
- Anxiety + stress is all too common
- Mum guilt plagues your mind 
- Your marriage is suffering 
- Work life balance feels like it's never going to happen
- Self-care isn't exactly your top priority
- Being present is next to impossible

I know how as mothers and women we can all too often over give, over work, people please, self sacrifice and end up at the bottom of the list.

Often our choices, thoughts, and behaviours come from a place of guilt, anxiety + self-criticism that in truth often leaves us exhausted, angry, anxious, irritable, not present, and suffering in silence. 

All of this inner turmoil leaving us thinking:

"I can't keep going like this... something has got to change!"


Einstein said:

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over
and expecting different results."


         If it's time to do something different... 
...I have an invitation for you.

The Fulfilled Mother is back but with a brand new approach!

🕊️ Access to 6 weeks of live coaching sessions to answer all your questions +  receive encouragement, coaching, support, understanding, prayer + accountability.

Two per week so 12 in total
(1 lunchtime + 1 evening session)

🕊️ Units of learning including short audio + video, exercises + worksheets delivered in a  private Telegram group + designed for busy lives. 

 🕊️ Safe, confidential + private space with other working mums that get you + feel similar things. This is THE best part, women coming together to feel lift each other up,
           feel listened to and understood, whilst gaining solutions, tools, strategies and insights to implement straight away.

          It'll also be a space to gain support as we go through the busy period of Christmas into New Year. 

  • Dee Mackey

    “This is hands down the best thing I have done for myself. Finding you Dee was an absolute blessing.”

    Mum + HR Director

  • Dee Mackey

    “Dee is like 10 coaches rolled into one!”

    Senior Director

  • Dee Mackey

    “Meeting other ladies on the course, in such a supportive environment was so powerful and really encouraged each of us.”

    Head of Planning

Next Round Starts 1 December 2021 

Now £497 🕊️

Words from Women about The Fulfilled Woman Programme

Anna said: "After my second child. I struggled with the overwhelm of having a career, being a mum, being a wife, being a friend.  It felt like someone was always losing out and I had lost who I was. My confidence had hit rock bottom at work and it was impacting on other people in my life.  

I wasn't being present with my kids and my relationship with my husband was way down on the priority list. I hit a wall, I was trapped in my bubble of anxiety, constant self-doubt and miserableness and I didn't know how to get out of it.   

That is when I reached out to Dee and honestly, it was the best thing I have done.  Dee is so passionate about what she does and her authenticity and approach have made it so easy for me to open up (something I've realised I struggle with!) and has helped me to understand areas of my life I need to work on.  

The strategies she has helped me to implement and the ongoing support of the programme have been a game-changer. I feel more positive, I can see my strengths again and when things do start to feel a bit overwhelming, I have the techniques to be able to bring back the calm.  

You are the only person who can change your path but the support from Dee and the other women in programme have been so empowering.  We are all struggling in this together and there is reassurance knowing that you are not in this alone. The kindness, support, and encouragement from this amazing group of women help us to bring our true selves to the table. There is no judgment here and the best investment you can make is the investment in yourself." 

Anna, Head of HR Partnering  

Bernie said: "I felt constantly overwhelmed with life and I needed to make some changes. I did not realise I had overlooked investing in ME until speaking to Dee.

 I really enjoyed the programme and learned so much from the other ladies and it's great to know that others are going through similar issues so I take away so much from every session. 

Dee is so warm and knowledgeable so I feel at ease with sharing and already feel the benefits from using some of the tools and techniques. I used to survive on five hours of broken sleep... but now I have seven.  I'm managing stress better and for the first time in years, I have the feeling of hope and positivity for the future."  

Bernie, a Global IT Program Manager

Eirian said: "Prior to contacting Dee, my life was in crisis. I had become a new mum, my hubby was threatening divorce as I was a workaholic and rarely present at home.

Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. I had to change and transform and doing the same thing was not an option.

I have found The Fulfilled Woman programme inspiring and transformational.​ Most important Dee keeps you accountable and makes you want to take accountability for your actions. I will advocate that you invest in yourself as Dee is an inspirational coach. The group support is excellent, and I am starting to enjoy life again and appreciate what is important.​ Take charge and go for this programme. You will not regret it. I have found it very powerful."      

Eirian, Senior Operational Manager​ 

Pay in Full £497 3 x Payments of £197