Saturday Sanctuary Cardiff




An empowering group coaching workshop for women 

who want to gain greater clarity, confidence, harmony, happiness and fulfilment in themselves.


New Dates Coming Soon...




Spring is my favourite time of the year and it will have officially kicked off with the Spring Equinox on 20th March.


Spring symbolises all things NEW. Beginnings, new chapters, new ideas, new self-concepts. It gives you a chance to take a good look and like any good gardener weed out what needs to go. And start afresh.


What better time to take stock, reset yourself and get honest about what needs to go in your physical environment, your home. What stands in your way to the life you deeply desire? If you are being honest, it's probably you.


What negative thoughts do you think about yourself? What if you started to change these?


What about patterns of behaviour? Anxiety, stressing, overthinking, catastrophising, self-sabotage?


What difference would it make to your life to let go, to stop carrying around these invisible burdens,

to feel better about you? 


Would you feel lighter, freer, happier about how you show up in the world?


Come and connect with like-minded ladies in a safe, comfortable and calm environment.

Have a laugh or two. I know I always do.


Learn new skills, tools and techniques to help you start afresh. 


Fill yourself up with positive energy & walk out feeling invigorated.


Participate & share if you want to. This is the most powerful element of women getting together. 

I promise it's not just me talking at you!


There will be insights to write & exercises to do, so please bring a pen

and journal.


Dee xo


PS - If you feel called to come, more details & info on how to book your ticket is below. 


 WHERE? The Leaver Room, Upstairs in The Canolfan Centre, Beulah Road, Rhiwbina, Cardiff 


TIME. 10.00 am- 11.45 am


HOW MUCH? £20  


Please note: To secure your place at the workshop, book & pay via Eventbrite by  9am Saturday 23rd March 2019


I'd recommend Dee’s Saturday Sanctuary, to anyone in need of a positive boost in their lives. The classes only run once a month but they make you question what is getting you down and how you can change things for the better. 


Dee is very welcoming to all but most importantly she can make such a difference in your life in a really positive way!  Thank you, Dee, for your inspirational teaching in life lessons, which have improved my life more than you could imagine!


Saturday Sanctuary offers a calm, uplifting, confidential and inclusive space for women.  Even the strongest and most apparently ‘together’ of us have stuff going on beneath the surface, which is not comfortable for us to admit to.


Dee is un-phased by any issues that people may be deals with them in a non-judgmental, mutually supportive, calm and inspiring way.


You start feeling CONNECTED again to others and realise you don't have the monopoly on whatever negatives/struggles are going on with you, and that we are ‘all in this together’.


By actually taking that first brave step to get yourself to the group, you are already halfway to making the difference to your life that you seek.



I really enjoyed the first ever Saturday Sanctuary and the next one is already in my diary. 


It was fun to spend the morning with like-minded ladies and the atmosphere was so relaxed.  


The poetry and journaling sessions were very insightful.

Saturday Sanctuary was a lovely calm environment with women who despite not knowing each other prior to the session supported each other.


There was common goals to increase both self- belief and self-acceptance. Under the calming guidance of Dee, this is exactly what I got.



I'll be attending the next Saturday Sanctuary, time for me to focus on what really matters.

I find a regular monthly session really helpful in giving me a space where I can consciously think about me. A space to be selfish and more aware of what I'm doing and where I want to go in life.

Dee puts you instantly at ease in this space and I would recommend this session to any busy ladies out there who just need an opportunity to 'check in' with themselves.  

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