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  • Dee Mackey

It really took guts to do this..

I hope you are really well and enjoying the fact that Summer has finally arrived! It's been a few weeks since I last wrote and since then I turned 40 with disbelief and excitement for a new decade. I went to an incredible yet challenging retreat for a week, fell ill with a nasty throat infection twice and it's been half-term school holidays! and just like that May is over my all-time favourite month. Today my fia

nce completed his first triathlon - and it was a tough course and a hot day. The thing that stood out for me as I stood on the sidelines cheering with our five-year-old son, was the sheer determination of everyone, seeing in their faces the 'I'm not going to stop or give up' and how each of them probably had their own story or reason for signing up for such a challenge and wanting to cross that finish line. Whatever the reason, the energy and enthusiasm I felt as a supporter was super inspiring and I guess that's what we do as people when we are together in such a focused and positive way. We inspire each other. We want to see other people doing well. We've got each other's backs. The strangers we cheer on, the people we say well done to. The smiles. It definitely inspired me to seek out a new fitness challenge for myself and also to check in with my own personal goals again especially as we are nearly halfway through the year! So my questions are: What would YOU LOVE to do, be or have by the end of this year? And is there something you've been putting off or talking yourself out of? Imagine crossing your own personal finish line for whatever it is you would love to achieve or complete? How would you feel?