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  • Dee Mackey

Power up the positive about you

This week's Sunday Salon is short! And inspired by a session with one of the lovely ladies I work with. It was all about the thoughts going down in her head. And we shone a light on all the negative thoughts, stories and worries she had. They are so common I thought I'd share. Worrying about what other people think Comparing to others Not feeling good enough Feeling like a failure I think we all can go down rabbit holes in our heads on a daily basis. Spiralling down a negative hole of finding fault with ourselves. It's what we women do so well. So it really is a case of remembering, what you focus on grows. The more you find fault with yourself, the more you internally criticise yourself, the more negative you are going to feel. How could you possibly feel anything else? Sometimes we get lost in the spirals, the chaos and busyness of life that we forget who we actually are. Here's the thing, unless you pay attention to what's going on in your head, you listen to these thoughts and allow them way too much control. So the moral of the story is. Be kind to yourself. Remember who you are.

Love yourself.

You are not the negative, critical, fault finding voice that you listen to in your head.

Have a great week, Dee x