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  • Dee Mackey

What's the one thing most women do?

So after a bit of a break from my weekly blog, I'm back. Let me share why, if you've got time.

Each week I coach unique amazing women and the insights they get as a result of speaking and often digging deep and getting honest are simple, yet profound. And the great thing is, these realisations make a big difference in their lives. The other thing I notice is how similar the struggles, anxieties, fears and doubts are with each woman. We are pretty much all in the same boat, doing and trying our very best at home, at work, as parents, partners and within the realm of our modern day responsibilities and demands.

These women are smart, busy, and they work hard. They give so much, just like you. And it can feel overwhelming and frustrating.

​So I thought this blog could help by firstly letting you know this very important fact. You ​are not alone.

No matter how you may be thinking or feeling right now in your life, many other women are thinking and feeling similar stuff too. And secondly by sharing some of these observations, insights and wisdom, you too might take something away something helpful from them. The idea of The Sunday Salon came to me years ago, in fact six years ago. The meaning of a Salon comes from Europe back 100's of years ago, like 16th Century! A Salon was where people gathered together and exchanged ideas, wisdom and thoughts. My idea is to share inspiration from my coaching sessions plus any other hits of inspiration I find around me! So my number one observation for this blog is: Stop Being So F**king Hard On Yourself. Seriously. It's something I've done my whole life and work hard to stop doing each day. I think this is like a default setting in women. We are fantastic at being our own worst enemy. Great at beating ourselves up. Internally we judge and criticise ourselves from the way we we look, to what we said or failed to say, did or didn't do, should or could've done. Truth is we would never speak to anyone the way we speak to ourselves. An internal voice questions our every move, sabotages our desires, fills us with self-doubt, keeps us frustrated and angry. Stops us from expressing our needs and desires and keeps us up at night tripping out and doing our own heads in. With the women I coach, here are some of the most common examples of how this inner voice impacts their lives. They compare themselves to others.

They don’t feel good enough.

They feel like a fraud and wonder when they’re going to be found out.

Everything has to be perfect.

They find saying no hard.

They brush off compliments and deflect accomplishments.

They procrastinate. They worry. Any of this sound like you too? If so, it's time to pay attention. By paying attention to your thoughts you begin to realise what they actually are. And that's AWARENESS. Often times we are not aware of how we are thinking and saying to ourselves in the privacy of our own minds. Once you start to hear these less than empowering thoughts you think and say to yourself, the next step is to question just how true they are and to stop speaking to yourself in the ways you may be. Decide that you are no longer going to accept the thought, for example, that you are not good enough. What if you decided that you are good enough?

That you are doing the best that you can. What if you started your day with the singular thought? I Am Good Enough. Start with that simple sentence. I Am Good Enough. Tell yourself a thousand times a day. I am good enough. Because you are. Your friends know it. The people around you know it. Time for you to recognise and believe it too. Dee x