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Why a clear out is good for the soul!

I did a big clear out last Friday and over the weekend. This little lady made the most of my super tidy and organised bedroom!

Decluttering was one of the questions in last weeks course which explored each area of our lives and what we want to bring in, change or create.

A ongoing goal of mine is to be more organised and disciplined, because I too fall off the band wagon! So I decided to get back on it and create a new mantra for myself - Just do it Now Dee!

Running the courses has also made me check in with myself more. Am I walking my talk? Am I doing what I am teaching and sharing?

Is it time for you to de-clutter, tidy up and have a Spring clean?!

Here's a bit on why it's important!

When we get rid of stuff, stuff we may have been holding on, stuff that we don't want, have never used or never will (let's be honest we're all guilty here!), it sends a powerful sign to the universe that you are making way for change in yourself and your life, letting go of old stagnant/ blocked energy and giving yourself some actual space in your environment and in your head to welcome the new.

As some of you have already discovered your inner critical voices you might recognise one of these voices as showing up in the guise of procrastination and putting off when you think about sorting out your house, attic, garden, garden or DIY....

If you're up for a declutter or sort out this Spring, here are some steps to help the process:

1. Decide on a day when to do it and dedicate that time to what you think you can achieve. Start small and feel like you are achieving things. For me this morning I focused on my bedroom and clothes. And tomorrow will be the office. So step by step.

2. Have a plan for what you are doing with the stuff that is going.

Are you: giving away, selling or donating to charity? Cause each option requires further steps and a little bit of planning!

3. Set an intention about your reasons for doing so and say a little internal thank you to everything you are clearing out acknowledging that at one point you needed or want them/it. For example, thank you jeans for all the hours I lived in you!

4. Set a new intention for whatever new things are coming your way or you would like to come your way. For example, I open the way for new Spring clothes to come into my wardrobe! (my secret wish)

Good luck with whatever you might be inspired to do!

#getclearing #tidyuptime #headspace #clarity #makeway #justdoit #feelbetter


#getclearing #tidyuptime #lifecoach #women #headspace