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When life feels bitter sweet

Hello there!

On this St. Valentine's Day...

It's been a busy one for me today, work stuff, getting organised for my little boy's fourth birthday tomorrow (wow time flies), baking cakes with my fiancé (very badly), wrapping presents and really wanting to send out my first video blog! And now it's late but here goes.

Heads up: If you've lost someone special in your life then this video might resonate with you.

In the video (link below) I share how this feeling of bitter sweet took me by surprise last week and really hit me hard.

Despite the exciting positive things happening like my first radio chat on BBC Radio Wales talking about growing confidence and how to keep positive and motivated especially at this time of year, and running a 5 week course in my local area for women, I felt as though I’d hit a wall and it took me to the end of the week to figure out what was really going on. Hence the light bulb!

If you’d like to hear the radio piece check it out on the link below.

Here's the video on this link below. Next time I'll have a Youtube Channel set up!

If you're Cardiff based and interested in being part of the next Confidence Building Course, go to for all the information. Next course starts early March.

Much love,


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