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What’s your secret dream?

I met up with some old friends a couple of weekends ago. Friends who I don’t see very often which made it extra special.

We stayed up until the wee hours catching up and having heart to hearts about our lives, our struggles, our families, putting the world to right and work. I realised how many of us have secret dreams, aspirations and ideas we never say out loud or share with other people.

One friend in particular talked about thoughts she’d been having about doing something else, something that when she spoke about it (even at 2am in the morning!) her eyes lit up, her face beamed with excitement. The passion she felt for this idea was self evident. Yet this was the first time she’d spoken about it. And she’d had this idea for years.

It made me think about all the other people in the world, and I bet there are many who have secret dreams, secret ideas and desires for something else they want to do or be. Something that lights them up and speaks to their passion and touches their heart.

I know that was once me. Constantly dreaming of doing something else, constantly thinking about what was I doing. And was this it? Was this my life? I had something calling at me, an itch, something more to do, something yearning to be born.

Do you wake up on a Monday morning feeling excited about your week and what you do?

So as we approach the end of 2014, if you’ve been thinking about something you want to do or you’ve an idea or dream you haven’t said out loud, what about making 2015 the year you seriously think about doing something about it?

Start somewhere, anywhere, take that first step and start to make it real.

That courage to start could change your life. And that’s something to get excited about.

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Much love,

Dee xo

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