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  • Dee Mackey

Feeling worn out? Read this.

Two weeks ago on a flight home from Ireland with my boy, the cabin crew were doing their safety procedure, and it reminded my of a powerful metaphor I’d first heard years ago.

You know the drill: In the event of an emergency please place your oxygen mask on yourself first (even if you have a child) before attempting to help another person. Now being a mother this made me stop and think and remember the metaphor of the oxygen mask!

Which simple is we’ve got to look out for ourselves first, BEFORE we can help others, be at out best and feel alive and vibrant! Its not being selfish it’s making conscious purposeful decisions about what you do in your day to day life. It means knowing your limits, listening to your body and your intuition. It means resting when you need to, exercising and fuelling your body with what makes you feel good!

Ask yourself the following questions and discover very quickly how well you are looking after yourself and what you can do if you’re not!

1. How well am I looking after myself?

Rate yourself on a scale of 0-10. Ten meaning you are taking care of yourself and your needs amazingly. By honestly checking in with yourself, you get a good marker of where you sit on that scale.

2. How do I really feel?

You could sit anyway on the scale of exhausted to amazing…again tune in.

3. What ONE THING could I do or change, that would make the biggest difference?

4. What could I stop doing that would make me feel better?

For me, simple but important things like going to bed earlier helps me a lot. I need my sleep.

I am sure many of you get what I am saying here, whether you work for someone or for yourself, building a sustainable, balanced, happy and healthy livelihood and life is no joke. And if you are a parent it adds in other emotional and physical demands. Add in being a single parent or parent with other parent away a lot, a new level of to-do’s come into play. I bow down to all the single parents out there. Respect. Truly. Because it’s tough going.

I came up with a list of 6 things that I know will make me feel SO MUCH BETTER fast. They are now written down and pinned to my fridge door!.

I thought I’d share them with you to hopefully inspire you to make small simple changes in your life too.

Here goes!

1. Get ready for bed at 9pm on an a school night – this means I give myself an hour to chill, to whatever and be ready for sleep by 10/10.30pm latest!

2. Get up by 6.30am and start the day without rushing and stressing.

3. Mid week salt bath pamper session.

4. Daily green juices. Less sugar (which is hard!).

5. Doggie walk in the park or forest.

6. Lie down on the floor and just breathe.

Over to you. Hope you bring some new healthy habits into your life and feel as sprightly as you can this Spring!

Take care of you, Dee