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20 Seconds of Courage and What if?

I started watching the new series of The Voice UK on Saturday. I always feel inspired by the people auditioning and the courage it takes to put themselves out there! That courage reminded me of a film I love called ‘We bought a Zoo’. If you haven’t seen it there’s a scene where Matt Damon’s character talks to his son about having 20 seconds of courage, the amount of time it takes to get the courage to do something you’re afraid to do.

In the film, Matt used 20 seconds of courage to ask out a woman he fancied, but who he thought was way out of his league. By having that courage, he walked up to the woman he thought was the most beautiful he’d ever seen and asked her out. She said yes, became his wife and they had two kids together. I know it’s a film but it happens in real life too. And I can think of many times where calling on those moments of courage would have helped me when I didn’t have the courage.

We tend to think of the worst case scenario when we attempt to do something we’re scared to do or haven’t done before. What if I it doesn’t work out? What if I look like a fool? What if people laugh at me? What if I fail? What if the person says no?

TOP TIP: How to turn those what if’s upside down literally and get you going for it!

How about instead of thinking of all the negative what if’s, you flipped the what if’s into possible positive outcomes?

What if….. I get the pay rise/promotion I want to ask for? What if…… the girl/guy says yes to a date with me? What if….. they love my voice/audition/work/art? What if…. it works out? What if…… I’ll be okay? What if….. I can do that presentation really well and make a big impact? What if……. I can approach a new contact about a job opportunity? What if……I am strong enough to end my relationship? What if…..I say no because I genuinely want to?

The what if’s are endless.

What if you used the idea of having 20 seconds of courage and think of the outcome as having the potential to make a positive difference to your life next time you are hesitating or doubting being brave?

Go on! Make that call, send that email, ask that someone out, speak your truth, follow up with a opportunity you let slip, be brave.

If you don’t give it a go, you truly will never know.

And remember what’s the worst that could happen? If whatever you want doesn’t work out; it’s usually because God has a better plan for you.

Hope you have a great week,

Love, Dee xo

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Many thanks as always.