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  • Dee Mackey

What hard time are you giving yourself?

Hope all is well. I’m feeling excited today because my fiance is coming home tomorrow after seven weeks working away! And the longer evenings are coming at last!

Being without him for long periods, puts a different spin on life, one that has had challenges, ups and downs. And giving myself a hard time is something I have been guilty of in the midst of it all!

Ever find yourself giving yourself a hard time over what you should’ve done, could’ve done or are doing?!

Sometimes I compare myself to others, wonder if I could be doing more, be a better parent or cook! Often it takes phoning a friend to get that reality check and boost of support when times feel tough. And to remember you are for the most part doing the best that you can.

My friend sent me this quote during the week which read:

“The most difficult times for many of us are the ones we give ourselves.” – Pema Chodron. Author

How true is that for you?

Right now, what are you giving yourself a hard time about?

So for this week, think about whatever it is you’ve been beating yourself up about and ask yourself:

What advice, what words would you say to a friend standing in your shoes?

Many of us can often give others the best advice in the world, but fall flat when taking our own. So notice where you are not listening to your own words of wisdom, where you are being less than kind and decide to stop, to be more supportive and understanding of where you are at in your life now.

On that note have a wonderful week and Easter weekend. A lovely time to think about new beginnings and who doesn’t love the chance to start over?!