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  • Dee Mackey

Feeling overwhelmed? 3 ways how to feel more calm now….

Hope you’ve had a great weekend. I’ve had a lovely weekend of friend get togethers and a surprise party which kind of inspired this weeks blog.

I’ve been working on plans for Workshop No. 2 in March with Nina (my co-host) of our first workshop in January. We so enjoyed sharing some of our best loved tools during the workshop to help people feel more clear, focused, present, mindful and in touch with what may hold them back.

I realise from listening to those who came to workshop, those who wanted to but could not, from my one-on-one work, from chatting to friends and people in general, that many of us feel pulled in different directions, stressed with the demands of life, other people, but mostly the demands placed on ourselves.

Too often we can get caught up sweating the small stuff, worrying about what other people think, taking things personally and life too seriously. We can allow the world to get on top of us quite literally and worry disproportionally about things that are not as big and serious as we think they are in our heads. Any of this relating to you?

If so, here are my top three tips to feel more calm and collected this week.

1. See the world through the eyes of a child.

My little boy will be two this weekend and he’s an amazing reminder to me to live IN THE NOW and to look at the world through a child’s eyes. Remember that sense of excitement about the simplest of things? The literal wonder and awe of everyday life seems to get lost as we grow up. We forget to see the good stuff around us because often our heads are too busy tripping into the future and dwelling on stuff that’s happened!

We tune out of our inner wise selves, our intuition and the part of us that really knows what is best and next for us. We can lose sight of what truly matters, forgetting to enjoy the moment, to laugh, to let things go rather than hold on.

2. Remember to breathe.

Through my yoga practice I’m so much more aware of my breathing and how often I can catch myself not breathing properly. If your breathing is shallow and quick or you feel anxious, take time out and breathe in and out slowly filling your lungs as much as possible. Say to yourself as you do this: I am breathing in, I am breathing out. This helps focus your breathing and your composure. You’ll find yourself much more calmer and relaxed within minutes. You’ll also notice where you are holding on in your body. Are your shoulders clenched or tight, maybe your jaws, or your stomach feels funny? Tune in, breathe slowly and let go.

3. Choose your thoughts wisely.

If you keep telling yourself you’re stressed, that you’ve no time, that life’s a struggle. What else can you expect apart from more of the same?! Following on from breathing more slowly and deeply, start stating positive statements as often as possible throughout your day. You can say them in your head, out loud (if no-one’s about of course!). Write them down daily. It’s a powerful way to reverse habitual ways of thinking.

For example: I AM calm, I HAVE plenty of time. I AM relaxed.

So I invite you to bring the child like you to life this week. The part of you that loves to laugh, to see the positives, to enjoy the moment, to feel excited by life, care-free and make it your mantra, your daily intention. Think how it might change your perspective and therefore your responses, if you consciously view the world with a fresh and child like pair of eyes.

Remember to check in with your breathing and what is going on in your head. Choosing thoughts that are in alignment with how you want to feel is crucial to feeling like that in your life now. So ramp up your awareness this week and notice the differences in you and your day-to-day life.

Have fun and be happy now. Love Dee xo