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Why friendships matter

Why friendships matter

I met an old friend this week. We hadn’t seen each other in three years. So much had happened…. she’d had her second baby. I’d had my first. These and other life changing events had occurred, yet we simply took off from where we left off before.

Don’t you love when that happens? The energy, the connection, the something that brought you together in the first place is there. Still. And years have past. These kinds of friendships are so positive and empowering. You walk away feeling happy, connected and stronger.

I’ve had lots of conversations and connections this week with different amazing women – some were with old friends, some new friends, some I’d never met before.

It feels like we’re all the same in our own uniqueness, doing our best to navigate our worlds, our lives and our passions. Figuring stuff out. Being honest. Sharing stories and struggles. Lifting spirits. Laughing out loud.

So back to you. Think of your friends and how they matter to you. Is there anyone you’ve been meaning to call, to see or write to lately? Think how happy they’ll be when you do. Chances are they were thinking of you too.

Hope you have a wonderful week and here’s to fabulous friends.

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