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  • Dee Mackey

What’s success mean to you?

I’m in the final stage tweaks of my new website! It’s certainly been a journey and it raised all sorts of questions one of which was the meaning of success.

What does it mean to be successful in my life? In my career?

I used to think success was some projected thing in the future, something I was chasing, that often eluded me. It always felt ahead of me and never with me.

I constantly used to think:

“When I get this or have that, THEN I’ll be successful.”

And usually beat myself up for not being more ahead, for not having more symbols of success living in our material society.

Ever think of success in that way too?

One day I literally woke up to the fact I was forgetting about now, this present moment and all the successes and failures (which are lessons in disguise) along the way that brought me to this point. And there are many of both! Who hasn’t failed, made mistakes, or poor judgements and decisions?

I love this said by Oprah: “If you knew better, you’d have done better”.

We all do the best we can and know at the time. One to remember when you’re in a beat yourself up mood!

Success like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

So think about your successes to date, all the great milestones, the achievements, the mistakes, the people, the courageous moments, the risks, the love you experienced, the children, the magical moments, the treasured times, the struggles you overcame, the pain, the lessons you learned, the people you lost. All of that and more.

WHATEVER YOUR STORY IS up to this point in your life. You already ARE a success.

Whatever you aspire to do or be WILL BE PART of your continued success story.

So go on, give it a go. Redefine what success means to you. Write down and remember all YOUR successes that you have had and soak them all up. Smile. Recognise just how much you’ve already achieved. Bet you’ve forgotten some biggies too!

Bring all of those successes with you as you move towards the stuff you aspire to do and be. Use them as a container to boost your tank when you feel low in fuel, to encourage you when you’re going through hard times, and give you extra energy and strength when you need it.

Remember just how far you’ve come and all the moments to come.

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