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Choosing to be kind isn’t always easy, especially when you think you’re right….

One of my favourite authors Wayne Dyer said this at a talk I went to a few years ago:

“You can choose to be right or you can choose to be kind”.

It really stuck with me. How many times have you wanted to say to someone, something along the lines of:

  • You just don’t get it!

  • You’re not listening to me!

  • You’re just so stuck in your ways!

  • What planet are you on!

Frustration, irritation, anger and the urge to prove your point washes over you. And often times you do and suddenly you wish you’d said nothing.

Think for a minute. How many times do you take into account the other person, their life experience, their world view and get to a place of letting go, of being kind, compassionate, non-judgemental, of stepping into their shoes and not allowing what they have said to get to you?

It’s HARD. REALLY HARD. And your ego gets in the way wanting to be right.

But more often than not it’s the right thing to do. My brother a very wise person in my eyes always says that:

“Doing right is never the easy thing to do, but it is the right thing to do!”

Wise words bro!

So next time you find yourself talking to someone with the urge to prove your point.

Let go. And let the other person have their say, listen, maybe say nothing and just move on.

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