Activate your CALM, COOL + CONFIDENT SELF In just 4 Weeks

Create More Calm

Feel a greater sense of calm especially in these challenging times. It's very easy to get taken off track feel on edge, stressed and anxious with everything going on.

However with support, guidance, shifts and new ways of being you can feel the kind of calm, peace + presence you long for even in the eye of the storm.

How you feel is everything. And this course will give you the ‘how to’ steps + strategies to bring you back to feeling more ease, grounded and clear-minded.

 Become More Cool + Collected 

You want to BE the energy of cool & collected at work + at home, but how do you do that? You feel so busy all the time. Your head filled with thoughts + to do's. 

How do you move away from the ‘go, go, go, hamster wheel’ way of being, to leaning back, to slowing down without compromising what you achieve? 

Imagine for a moment being the essence of calm, cool, collected more of the time? 

Reclaim Your Confident Self

Rediscover your confident self. Learn how to step into your power and your potential.

Build a solid foundation of self-worthself-esteem tapping into your own unique energy, your intuition and highest self.

Imagine being the confident woman you want to be? Learn how with the powerful Radiant You training units. 


If you would love to learn simple, tangible tools, strategies + techniques to help navigate your career + home life with more calm, ease, flow, confidence and self-empowerment, this course + container will activate a whole new way of being + operating for you. 

These 4 weeks will be a transformational space. The energy + vibe I promise to be uplifting, inspiring, supportive + empowering. The weekly calls are golden.



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Here are some words from women in a previous round of CCC

"Thank you Dee for an incredible journey on the CCC course, which has achieved real results that I never expected over the 3 week period - and does literally feel like a life changing moment.

I was feeling “close to the edge” with signs of burnout prior to CCC, and no-one was getting the best from me, not family, friends or colleagues. 3 weeks on, and the tools and techniques I’ve learnt, alongside the mindset shifts, has really changed my approach and taken away the guilt (most of the time).

Meeting the other ladies on the course, in such a supportive environment was so powerful and really encouraged each of us in our personal growth. I still have work to do, but now know that this growth and learning will be something that needs my attention for life - but I’m empowered to do it. Dee was an inspiration throughout and I would highly recommend this course to anyone who feels they need more cool, calm and collectedness in their life!

Sarah, Head of Planning



"I was so pleased I took the plunge and made time to commit to the 3 week CCC. I was debating if I had the time! I had no idea we would fit so much into 3 weeks but it has really opened my eyes.  It was lovely to be in a group with like minded people who were so supportive of each other and I really looked forward to the sessions. 

Each time I came off the call feeling better than when I joined it. I now have a notebook full of thoughts, reflections and ideas and have already made some great strides in making positive changes and feel so much better for it. 

Dee has a really 'together' way about her. She has a host of tools and ideas on anything that anyone raised and she has a really compassionate presence but with an ability to call things out in a kind way. I would thoroughly recommend the course.  Thanks Dee! 

 Anita, Director of Income + Marketing

New Dates Coming For Group Programme

  • Access to 4 Live Group Coaching Calls on Zoom
  • A mix of live + pre-recorded modules delivered every 2-3 days throughout programme in private FB group
  • Comments + questions answered in between calls
  • Pre-work to complete prior to take off
  • Women who get you, support you and lift you up
  • Positive calming energy, inspiration + connection