4 Week Live Group Course For Women in Management + Leadership Roles

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A potent + transformational 4 week programme + mastermind for women who are at management level and above and desire to be exceptional leaders in their workplace. No matter how big or small the organisation, the number of people you manage, no matter the type of industry, as long as it involves working with other people, leadership is the heartbeat + pulse of any organisation, team or project. 

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"To say that 'Love To Lead' has been a lifeline for me during this crisis is no understatement."  - Sarah


What you'll gain from joining 'Love to Lead' Course + Mastermind 

⚡Love to Lead will help you get clear on what is working and not working right now at work and how you begin to change what is not. The course helps you get a clear vision of you, your role and your vision. What is your vision? Who do you desire to be? What kind of manager/leader? As you gain clarity and focus you start to make the changes needed. You do the inner work. You shift beliefs.  You grow confidence. 

⚡Love to Lead will help and guide you to let go of negative beliefs, thoughts, emotions that may hold you back, and not serve you by replacing them with fresh perspectives, self-awareness and new empowering beliefs, tools and strategies to take you forward.

⚡Love to Lead contains units of learning in the form of thought-provoking exercises, insightful meditations, short audios + video trainings on success + beliefs, vision and clarity, energetics + emotions, sovereignty, communication + boundaries, values, mindset mastery, impact + influence, and being your most aligned powerful self.

If you'd love to be part of a supportive, kind, and transformative space I can't wait to welcome you in the next round.
Meet other women who get it, get you and lift you up. Or join me 1:1 if that's preferable.

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During Love to Lead You Receive:

🧡Units of Learning 

Short training, audios, videos and exercises dropped every 2-3 in private Facebook group to listen to and complete at your own pace. Access to ALL course material in online portal.

🧡4 Weekly Live Calls on Zoom led by Dee or if choosing 1:1 option by telephone.

These coaching calls are so supportive, re-energising and powerful. Receive next level answers, insights, wisdom, solutions + ideas in each live session. Learn and grow from each other's questions and coaching with Dee.
All calls are recorded on Zoom and uploaded to private Facebook group.

🧡A Private Community

This community is filled with likeminded women which is the best bit about it. We all know the power of connection and this container is where you get to feel the energy, genuine care +  support not just from me but the other women.

Replays will be available in here and questions can be asked + answered in between calls, feedback given and comments made for all of the units of learning. If you've any questions drop me an email to 

Testimonials From Women 

I personally had gone through a crisis where I had failed in my leadership as a strategic manager. I was a committed and passionate manager that always worked hard, however I had not lead my service sufficiently. Having engaged in the 'Love To Lead' course, Dee has taught me key leadership principles how to:

1. Lead with confidence, impact and influence
2. Communicate effectively and with gravitas 
3. Lead myself so others will want to follow
4. Identify the vision and values I want instil
5. Motivate and inspire others
6. Gain accountability and trust in teams
7. Identify key strengths and challenges in my leadership journey

Most importantly 'Love To Lead' has given me confidence in my myself and self belief that no longer makes me feel like an imposter. I am now able to truly lead others confidently with ease, self belief end an incredible drive and passion.

Dee has an unique ability to untap your potential and will make you feel like any leadership challenge is possible.
As an Executive Coach she will push you to examine where you have had previous successes and failures which enables you to become accountable for the areas you need to develop but also celebrate all your successes.

I would recommend 'Love to Lead' course to anybody in a manager or leadership position. It has really helped me transform as a leader and maintain the new habits and high standards I now have for myself due to this incredible programme.

Eirian, Strategic Management 

I joined Love to Lead having completed the earlier 'Calm. Cool. Confident' course with Dee. I was really looking to consolidate and develop my learning in a warm, positive and supportive environment. It turned out I got SO much more than consolidated learning! 

Having secured a promotion into managing a large team and budgets at the start of the pandemic, I had found CCC transformational in terms of inner belief work and tools to help me juggle a crazy work/life balance and a major confidence crisis. Little did I know when we signed up for 'Love to Lead' we were about to be plunged into homeschooling/lockdown 3.0. 

To say that Love To Lead has been a lifeline for me during this crisis is no understatement. I now use the work I did with Dee and the other lovely ladies, and the practices we learnt, on a daily basis - with post-it’s next to my kettle!
It has genuinely changed how I view leadership and has inspired me to try to be the best I can be to Lead my team during the 
pandemic, with integrity, strength and compassion.

Although I still have difficult days, I can bring myself out of them by reminding myself what Dee would say!
I am also dipping back in and out of the learning units which is of great benefit.

My boss has offered to pay the cost of 'Love To Lead'  having seen what a benefit it has been for me - and fed back she was really proud of how much I’ve grown into my role in recent months - which I have to say is all thanks to Dee. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend 'Love To Lead'  to anyone considering this course. Thank you Dee!"

Sarah, Head of Planning


"This course really helped me to focus on the type of leader I want to be and the impact that I can have. It challenged negative beliefs that I held about myself and helped me to identify what is actually true for me.  Not only do you delve into what skills you want but have the opportunity to reflect and remind yourself what you already do.

The units were dropped in between the weekly calls and were practical and interesting. It is a really flexible course that is easy to fit in around a busy schedule! I felt a strong sense of community and support from my first call in the group. Dee created a safe environment to raise concerns, be open about our learnings while also celebrating successes. I have a stronger sense of self because of this course."

 Jane, Luxury Retail Management