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Workplace bullying is more common than we imagine. Not knowing how to deal with a bully or narcissistic
co-worker/boss can be devastating, as can be the toxic environment.

Anxiety and stress go through the roof.  Confidence and self-esteem plummets. Sick days increase. The feeling of dread returns on Sunday nights + Monday mornings. Sleep is affected and numbing it all out rises.

Dee is a self taught expert on this subject having grown up with a narcissistic father. She is passionate about helping others regain their confidence, master the art of communciation and resolve conflict with ease + grace.

Is it time you got the support you need?👇👇

💥 Powerful Hybrid Approach of Coaching + Learning
💥 4 x 1 hr sessions by phone
💥 Access to Dee's online training 
'Radiant Confidence'
💥 Pre-start Q+A to gain clarity + focus
💥 Real time support in between calls via Telegram

(was £497 now £397)


Stress, anxiety and overwhelm are all too common in our world + particularly at work. New curve balls, existing pressures and strains take their toll.  The impact over time is damaging to well-being, health, relationships and happiness.

Confidence is affected. You may feel like an imposter and wonder what is wrong with you. A critical inner voice critiques and judges your every move.

Perhaps it's time to stop the ‘go, go, go, hamster wheel’ way of being without compromising what you achieve? 

Regain real natural confidence, create more calm + peace of mind. 👇👇

💥 Powerful Hybrid Approach of Coaching + Learning
💥 4 x 1 hr sessions by phone
💥 Access to Dee's potent online training
'Calm. Cool. Confident'
💥 Pre-start Q+A to gain clarity +focus
💥 Real time support in between calls via Telegram

(was £497 now £397)


Managing and leading a team, project, department or business is not for the faint hearted. It requires massive levelling up and personal development from anyone in a management + leadesrhip role no matter what industry.

Love to Lead can help you build confidence, create the impact and influence you may desire. It will show you how to communicate with grace, gravitas + power.
Reveal to you where you need to lead yourself better.
And identify the vision and values you want to instil whilst motivating and inspiring others to share theirs building trust, collaboration and effectivess.

💥 Powerful Hybrid Approach of Coaching + Learning
💥 4 x 1 hr sessions by phone
💥 Access to Dee's game changing online course
'Love to Lead'
💥 Pre-start Q+A to gain clarity + focus
💥 Real time support in between calls via Telegram

(was £497 now £397)


"At a point of very low confidence and self-esteem I found Dee. We worked one to one and the revelations kept coming! I felt a shift in my thinking almost immediately and it continues now.

Bit by bit she removed the blocks stopping me being the person I wanted to be. I feel energised, self-aware, awake and present in my life!   A whole new beginning. Thanks Dee!"

Jane, Luxury Retail Management

Dee was recommended to me by a friend.  She really struck a chord with me with her friendly and straightforward approach, where I could take an honest and open look at my life, figure out where I was, why I was there, where I wanted to be and how I could get there. 

I've had professional coaching and high-level sports coaching before, but Dee works with you on so many levels, mental, emotional, personal, professional, practical: she’s like ten coaches rolled into one. 

She empowered me to be honest with myself & challenged my preconceived ideas of both of myself and the world around me.  I can’t describe how enlightening it was to be able to reconfigure how I perceived myself and how empowering it was to see how this improved all aspects of my life."  

Geri, Director 

  At the start of our sessions, I was feeling frustrated with my career and myself.  I felt I needed a change but wasn’t sure if I was brave enough to make those changes.  I was full of self-doubt and focused on all the potential negative outcomes preferring to stay in my comfort zone.  

Through working with Dee, I learned that I have the capacity and capability to make changes – my confidence crisis wasn’t a crisis – I just needed to listen to my own intuition.  When I stopped listening to my inner critic and actually considered my strengths and values, I was able to articulate what I need to move forward.  

Dee was excellent at coming up with practical ways to approach situations.  She suggested various exercises that allowed me to consider who I am as a person and the woman I could and will be in 20 years’ time.  Dee asked questions of me that I hadn’t considered before and in that way, it was quite eye-opening. 

I would recommend anyone to invest in themselves by working with Dee.  Speaking to her is very easy and enjoyable but ultimately will give you clarity, focus and confidence. 

Sharon, Corporate Consultant

  Dee has been an absolute lifeline for me going through a very difficult period of my life. She has helped me connect with myself + tap into my own internal strength.

It has also been invaluable to have someone objective to speak to as Dee has helped me look on things from a different perspective. She has given me ways to identify and manage my unhelpful thought patterns. I am only managing to get through this great challenge in my life through the support that Dee has given me. 

She is a really wonderful person too –  incredibly open, non-judgmental, wise and caring. I can’t recommend Dee enough for anyone who feels they need extra support to tackle a life challenge or make a big change.

Rebecca, PR Director


"Having completed 2 group training courses with Dee in the past, I jumped at the opportunity to have a 4-week intensive 1:1 coaching programme. When I started, I thought it was to help me make a big life decision about work. Little did I know that those four weeks would also end up addressing the key pillars for me of work, family, and marriage.

I think during the course of the month, one thing I discovered was that Dee has a big dose of “magic” in her! She was able to identify with absolute clarity, the key questions and issues that needed unlocking to make progress in all of the above areas.

Her empathy and ability to generate so many “light bulb” moments, whilst also empowering me to trust my instincts and use my own abilities to find solutions, was incredible.

This has had a big ripple effect positively impacting those closest to me and further afield, but particularly my children and husband. I cannot recommend Dee highly enough, whatever area of your life you are considering support with."

Sarah, Head of Planning

  After only a few 1:1 coaching sessions with Dee, I'm starting to view myself, my life and the situation around me through a completely different lens. Dee has taught me that self-awareness is everything and has given me really practical tools and practices to build into my daily life to manage my mindset, keep reflecting and stay focused on being the best version of myself.  

I signed up to work with Dee at a point where anxiety, overwhelm and low self-confidence were running my life - with her help I've been able to turn the tide, make immediate changes to my mindset and behaviours. I have more clarity, resilience and focus as a result and people around me are starting to notice too! 

I'd recommend Dee to anyone who wants to make a positive change - she is easy to talk to, insightful, energising and inspiring.  

Kim, Financial Services