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Let's be honest, modern life is full-on and exhausting. 


The professional women I coach have high-pressure roles.  Some are mothers and some are not. 


Either way, they feel burnt out, exhausted and experiencing high levels of workplace stress and anxiety. 


✅ Did you know that it's estimated over 70% of GP visits are stress-related

Women have significantly higher rates of stress, anxiety and depression than men in the workplace. 

✅Coronary heart disease kills twice as many women compared to breast cancer.

✅74% of UK adults were so stressed, they felt unable to cope. 81% of women said this compared to 67% of men

Twice as many women are prescribed antidepressants than men

They face much unrealistic pressure to spin all the plates, the pressure to pretend they are okay and on goes the mask.


Their internal voice chips away at self-esteem, telling them all the ways they are failing and not delivering on any front.  

The physical symptoms of stress, anxiety, overwhelm and a lack of sleep kick in as their body is awash with cortisol.


Women share how they have panic attacks, tension headaches, anxiety, aches and pains,  heart palpitations, brain fog, hair loss and a host of other negative symptoms. 

If that any of this sounds like you, let's speak. Book an appointment.


You can book a free Strategy Consultation to discover how it is absolutely possible to get off this unsustainable way of working and living, so that you can begin to create a new way that IS sustainable, that brings you greater calm, presence, well-being, self-care, confidence, support, boundaries, balance and happiness.

This is subject to the completion/approval of a pre-session questionnaire and availability. 

What people say...

"Dee was recommended to me by a friend.  She really struck a chord with me with her friendly and straightforward approach, where I could take an honest and open look at my life and figure out where I was, why I was there, where I wanted to be and how I could get there. 


I've had professional coaching and high-level sports coaching before, but Dee works with you on so many levels, mental, emotional, personal, professional, practical: she’s like ten coaches rolled into one.


She empowered me to be honest with myself and challenged my preconceived ideas of both of myself and the world around me.  I can’t describe how enlightening it was to be able to reconfigure how I perceived myself and how empowering it was to see how this improved all aspects of my life.


Geri. Director

"At the start of our sessions, I was feeling frustrated with my career and myself.  I felt I needed a change but wasn’t sure if I was brave enough to make those changes.  I was full of self-doubt and was focused on all the potential negative outcomes preferring to stay in my comfort zone.  Through working with Dee, I learned that I have the capacity and capability to make changes – my confidence crisis wasn’t a crisis – I just needed to listen to my own intuition.  When I stopped listening to my inner critic and actually considered my strengths and values, I was able to articulate what I need to move forward. 


Dee was excellent at coming up with practical ways to approach situations.  She suggested various exercises that allowed me to consider who I am as a person and the woman I could and will be in 20 years’ time.  Dee asked questions of me that I hadn’t considered before and in that way, it was quite eye-opening.


I would recommend anyone to invest in themselves by working with Dee.  Speaking to her is very easy and enjoyable but ultimately will give you clarity, focus and confidence.


Sharon, Consultant