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Welcome, lovely lady!

I'm Dee and I know so many amazing women, like you probably do,  from friends, family, to colleagues and acquaintances who wish they felt more positive, calm, balanced and confident about themselves in their professional and personal lives. 

No matter who you are or the levels of success you may have, self-doubt is an ever present presence for many.

Here are some of the most common ways it shows up. 

You compare yourself to others.

You don’t feel good enough.

You feel like a fraud.  You wonder when you’re going to be found out.

Everything has to be perfect.

You find saying no difficult.


 You want to please everyone so you over do and over achieve.

You downplay your amazingness and deflect accomplishments.


You procrastinate. You feel overwhelmed.

You feel an underlying anxiety.

Any of this resonating with you? If so, I've created a short, but mighty meditation to help you 

get out out your head and into a place of calm and peace.

Sound good? Get it below.


Chaos to calm in Minutes

Download this free MP3 guided meditation to learn a simple and yet powerful way to dial down stress and overwhelm so that you feel calm and peaceful. Remember to find somewhere quiet. Nip to the loo if you have to!

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