BRAND NEW group coaching programme for Cardiff Mums 

A brand new 6 Week Spring Reboot Programme for Women


- a POSITIVE BOOST in their self-esteem and self-confidence

- to shake off the sluggish energy of winter and START AFRESH with Spring

- to GET BACK to themselves, get their MOJO back

- to LET GO of unhelpful habits, negative feelings and thoughts about themselves and life


-to LIKE themselves a lot more

- a DE-CLUTTER –there is no time like Spring to do this physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally

- let go of BAGGAGE (self-doubt, fears, worries, negative thoughts, anger, frustrations) we all carry these emotions around with us like heavy burdens - imagine the relief of releasing these?!

- to create NEW FOUNDATIONS in their day-to-day life that FOSTER more INNER PEACE and CALM

- CONNECTION and SUPPORT with other like-minded women

- to feel SEEN, HEARD and understood


-to learn NEW SKILLS for life

- to create & EMBRACE positive changes 

PLEASE NOTE: This is a safe confidential space with clear guidelines. 

You’ll feel very differently by the end and have learned simple practical and life-changing skills, tools, techniques and practices to boost confidence, transform your mindset, slow down, feel more peace of mind and calm.

The sessions are engaging, fun and interactive meeting other wonderful women. It won’t be me just talking at you. You need a journal and pen as you'll be answering questions and noting your insights, learnings, takeaways and action steps each week.

The course will pause over the Easter period and recommence Monday 29 March.

You'll receive worksheets, audio's to help reboot any outdated negative beliefs and thoughts you hold about yourself.

JOIN a closed private Facebook group for women attending the course. I would HIGHLY recommend this.

This community/safe space is where you can post questions, get support, receive motivational video's and words from me throughout the course to keep the momentum going and connection in between sessions.
You can share successes, struggles and feel inspired by other people's questions, shares, answers.

Your investment for the 6 weeks is £180 inclusive of VAT.
To book your place, please pay by Paypal to

There are only 10 places for this course with two already gone, so make sure you book if interested.

Last chance to reserve your space is Wednesday 20 March.​

If you can’t use Paypal drop me an email to and I can send you my account details.

Once payment has been received you'll receive more information by email to help you prepare and a short questionnaire.

When?: Monday 25 March 2019

Where?: Moo Moo's Coffee Shop 123 Maes-y-coed Road, CF14 4HE
Time?: 7.45pm - 9pm

What People say


It's given me the confidence to share my feelings, stand up to my family and workplace.


Helpful to feel more positive and in control, like I have some power to change things.


Enlightening. Allowed me to re-start and re-build my life. Will make you think in a completely new way.


I enjoyed meeting new people and hearing their thoughts. Be able to listen as well as share when I was ready. I feel I have learnt positive things about myself.


I enjoyed hearing people's stories, realising everyone's similar - you're not the only one.



A relaxing and really interesting course that really makes you questions how you're feeling, what you need and want.


Amazing, life-changing. You must come.


It gives you the tools to change the way you operate in life for the better.


Peaceful, rewarding, me-time, time to look inwards.


My family and friends have noticed a big difference in me. I can feel the difference in my way of thinking. I feel lighter, more positiveThe group made me realise I’m not the only one and that everything we say is valid and matters.


This is the first time in years that I’ve really asked myself what I want out of my life.


Dee is really open and honest, easygoing and inspiring. She is able to ask the right questions and steer you in the right direction.


I would absolutely recommend this course, I’m finally working through my anxiety and I can begin to take steps out of it rather than letting it consume me and my life.


I’m more mindful, more positive and excited about the future.


Dee is very warm and welcoming, she puts the group at ease not only due to her personality but also because she clearly has the personal and academic expertise.


Dee is confident, approachable, encouraging, hardworking and committed to improving others lives.


There are not enough of these courses around. I think these could be life-changing for a lot of people.

I absolutely love hosting group workshops for women - they are so so powerful, inspiring and you take away so many new skills, tools, techniques and practices to live a more positive, clear, calm life.


If you've any questions at all - drop me an email to


Dee xo


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