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"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people."

- Steve Jobs

Hi, I'm Dee, a Cardiff based Coach and Consultant equipped to make a difference to your business and organisation. 


WHAT I OFFER:  Specialised solutions on how to improve and master soft skills (listed below). When these skills are taught, improvement in the workplace is inevitable.


Why? Because individuals begin to feel more empowered. They are learning new ways to communicate, problem-solve, reduce stress, build confidence, have a voice, listen to others, transform negativity and as a result, the organisation as a whole begins to thrive, be more productive, happier and healthier.

97% of employers surveyed by Forbes believed that soft skills were an essential part of their business success. 

Communication - Learn the art of assertive, powerful and impactful communication


Mindset - Mastery of our thoughts, our beliefs and our stories 


Build Authentic Natural Confidence & Self-Esteem


Values: Align & incorporate values for real, not just reading them from a manual


Accountability & Ownership: Take responsibility


Empathy - Get back to being human


Respect - Hugely important to respect others & be respected 


Listening skills - Who doesn't want to be heard? 


Conflict resolution - How to solve conflict with a Win-Win solution-orientated approach



Expectations - Whoever meets them? Let's talk agreements and how we create effective empowering relationships


Company Vision - Unite & be inspired


Boundaries - Bringing in healthy effective respectful boundaries

I believe these skills are as intricate and complex as a spider's web and often difficult to master if the know-how, awareness, understanding and practical steps are not known, learned and applied.

On-site services include bespoke educational content for staff and management across topics such as stress and anxiety reduction, wellness and self-care whilst at work, boosting staff morale, effective communication, the creation of healthy boundaries, confidence building, work-life balance, mindset mastery and positive thinking.  



E: to arrange an initial phone call or meeting to learn how I may be able to support

your staff and organisation.



Fount London would certainly recommend Dee Mackey to other nurseries and businesses.


I believe our team are now more determined and motivated to take the lead in creating a better work/life balance which will inevitably enhance their performance at work and bring about a better quality of life for them. Dee connected them to the vision and values of Fount and at the core why they wanted to work for the organisation.


Her sessions were tailored to suit the group and individual needs further to consultation with management and us the owners. Dee encouraged objective observation and tried to promote a sense of self-empowerment using methods to promote positivity and improvement in the workplace which focused on how to be more assertive, set goals, build team spirit, morale and confidence at work with colleagues.

The additional bonus is that staff took away with them the tools Dee outlined and taught enabling a new level of insight and awareness, plus different ways of thinking for all areas of their life."