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About Dee

I’m Dee Mackey, a Psychology graduate, with an MA in Communications. I'm a Certified Coach and NLP Practitioner, Leadership & Communications Expert and have trained in other modalities such as Emotional Freedom Technique.


I work with a variety of smart, successful, openminded and honest women in my flagship 12-Week Coaching & Mentoring Programme The Fulfilled Woman, as well as 1:1 coaching and mentorship.

No matter where or with whom I work people are experiencing similar issues, struggles and challenges.


Burnout. Overwhelm. Zero Work-Life Balance. Lost Confidence. Negative Mindset. Lack of Presence. Little Self-Care. Soft Boundaries. Depression. Anxiety. Stress.


My mission is to teach people simple, practical, real-world empowerment tools, techniques and strategies that equip them to flourish in their lives be it at home or at work and feel calm, confident, happy, present, peaceful and fulfilled. 

When I'm not working, I'm a mum, step mum, dog owner and live with my fiance. 


Anna, Head of HR Business Partnering said:

"After my second child, I struggled.  I struggled with the overwhelm of having a career, being a mum, being a wife, being a friend.  It felt like someone was always losing out and I felt like I had lost who I was.  My confidence had hit rock bottom at work and it was impacting on other people in my life.


I wasn't being present with my kids and my relationship with my husband was way down on the priority list.  I hit a wall, I was trapped in my bubble of anxiety, constant self-doubt and miserableness and I didn't know how to get out of it.  


That is when I reached out to Dee and honestly, it was the best thing I have done.  Dee is so passionate about what she does and her authenticity and approach have made it so easy for me to open up (something I've realised I struggle with!) and helped me to understand areas of my life I need to work on.  The strategies she has helped me to implement and the ongoing support of the programme have been a game-changer.   I feel more positive, I can see my strengths again and when things do start to feel a bit overwhelming, I have the techniques to be able to bring back the calm. 


You are the only person who can change your path but the support from Dee and the other members of The Fulfilled Woman have been so empowering.  We are all struggling in this together and there is reassurance knowing that you are not in this alone.  The kindness, support and encouragement from this amazing group of women help us to bring our true selves to the table. There is no judgement here and the best investment you can make is the investment in yourself."

Rebecca, a PR Director said:


“Dee has been an absolute lifeline for me as I have been going through a very difficult period of my life. She has helped me connect with myself and tap into my own internal strength through a number of exercises such as tapping and visualisations.


It has also been invaluable to have someone objective to speak to as Dee has helped me look on things from a different perspective. She has given me ways to identify and manage my unhelpful thought patterns and kept me on the straight and narrow with regular check-ins and sharing interesting literature and homework exercises. I am only managing to get through this great challenge in my life through the support that Dee has given me.


She is a really wonderful person too –  incredibly open, non-judgemental, wise and caring. I can’t recommend Dee enough for anyone who feels they need extra support to tackle a life challenge or make a big change.”


Let's Talk

If this resonates with you please apply for a free Breakthrough Consultation call over the phone to discover how it is absolutely possible to get off this unsustainable way of working and living, so that you can begin to create a new way that IS sustainable, that brings you greater calm, presence, well-being, self-care, confidence, support, boundaries, balance and happiness.

Please Note: This is for professional women only & subject to the completion/approval of a pre-session questionnaire and availability.