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If you currently feel like:


Something needs to change.....


You’re in the right place.


And you are NOT alone.


I’m Dee Mackey, a Psychology graduate, a Well-Being & Confidence Coach. 

I work with women in their mid to late 30's and 40's. Some are working mothers,

corporate executives and business owners.


They ALL experience similar issues, struggles and challenges. 


Let’s be honest, life can be so busy and overwhelming it’s hard to find the time to think, let alone share your private thoughts and how you actually feel. It's time to stop the taboo, the pretending to be okay, the doing it alone, battling through, hoping and praying that things get better.


My mission is to teach women simple, practical, real-world self-help tools, techniques and strategies that equip them to live their lives with calm, peace, confidence and fulfilment.

AMEN to that :) 


Rebecca, a Mother & PR Director said:


“Dee has been an absolute lifeline for me as I have been going through a very difficult period of my life. She has helped me connect with myself and tap into my own internal strength through a number of exercises such as tapping and visualisations.


It has also been invaluable to have someone objective to speak to as Dee has helped me look on things from a different perspective. She has given me ways to identify and manage my unhelpful thought patterns and kept me on the straight and narrow with regular check-ins and sharing interesting literature and homework exercises. I am only managing to get through this great challenge in my life through the support that Dee has given me.


She is a really wonderful person too –  incredibly open, non-judgemental, wise and caring. I can’t recommend Dee enough for anyone who feels they need extra support to tackle a life challenge or make a big change.”


So here’s a bit of my story. 


I grew up in a dysfunctional home and on the outside, nobody knew.  Growing up I felt totally disempowered, anxious and afraid. 


I didn’t like myself very much. I felt inadequate, I compared myself to anyone and everyone, never felt good enough, always felt like an outsider, and I was so self-conscious. I numbed out to feel better, hit the party scene, but it was all temporary happy times and relief.


I've had many rock bottoms, but when my beloved mother was diagnosed with cancer only a few years after separating from my father, one of my toughest times was coming. I left London and my partner to care for her in Ireland, and she died 7 months later. I was devastated, exhausted and again on the edge of a breakdown. I was not coping and went into a depression. Becoming pregnant with my son 10 months later was a light, a turning point. 3 months after his traumatic birth another near breakdown happened, but faith stepped in and I met the most wonderful therapist who I was brave enough to work through the pain of my past. 


The only way I got to the other side was by starting my healing journey and getting help. By reaching out and talking about what was going on for me, resolving past hurt, trauma and sadness, I could move forward and change my life for the better. Several incredible humans helped me and I would not be here without them. My son is the brightest light in my life.


Everything has taught me that LIFE. IS. SHORT.



I coach, support and teach women how to SLOW DOWN, take stock of what really matters and stop the insanity.   


I work in a holistic way as I believe any part of our life experiencing dis-ease, stress, overwhelm or imbalance impacts the others whether we are aware of it or not.  


I teach simple, practical tools, techniques and strategies that equip and enable people to navigate and deal with life with more ease and confidence. All of these you can apply immediately to your life. 


I ask powerful questions that spark shifts, that challenge and inspire change. 


I share the foundational practices, rituals, habits and spiritual principles that have transformed my own life enabling women to start living with greater, calm, clarity, positivity, harmony and confidence more of the time.

You can book a free Strategy Consultation to discover how it is absolutely possible to get off this unsustainable way of working and living, so that you can begin to create a new way that IS sustainable, that brings you greater calm, presence, well-being, self-care, confidence, support, boundaries, balance and happiness.

This is subject to the completion/approval of a pre-session questionnaire and availability. 

The Professional Bio


Dee holds a BSc Psychology and an MA in Communications and is a Cardiff based Life Coach. She is a certified Coach & Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. She trained as an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (EFT) otherwise known as Tapping.


She has studied the field of personal and spiritual development from all angles over the past 10 years. Countless books, courses, workshops, coach training, help from world-class mentors, teachers and coaches. She is passionate about continually learning and developing her skills. And recently completed an intense 5-month programme on feminine leadership. Dee attends retreats each year to keep herself on track, to refocus and recharge. She has a coach/mentor herself and part of a women's empowerment group.


Dee is an excellent communicator, skilled questioner and workshop facilitator. She worked in the PR in London for 8 years and has a great understanding of the corporate sector. Her great skills lie in her ability to relate, empathise and understand her clients, building relationships with honesty and openness. She conducts her work in a professional, conscientious, down to earth way.